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Whether you find yourself in a personal or professional dispute, mediation may be a more cost-effective means of resolving it without the delays and uncertainties of going to court.

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Mediation Services

FM&C provides mediation services as a means of efficiently solving your dispute outside of court. Our Accredited Mediation team conduct Family, Civil and Commercial mediations so that you have a confidential and cost-effective way of finding the solutions you need.

Mediation has a proven track record in recent years of resolving disputes. Having an independent third party to bring difficult disagreements to a close is invaluable when litigation can be unpredictable and lengthy. An FM&C Accredited Mediator can operate with the freedom to bring you a solution beyond the rules, limitations, and costs of courtroom remedies.

The courts now actively encourage parties to attempt to resolves disputes through the mediation process continuing litigation. If you end up in court and are found to have no considered mediation, there can be costs penalties made against you.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation eases the unpleasant process of divorce and puts couples in control of their decisions, not the court. An FM&C Family Mediator helps parties identify conflicts and create mutually acceptable resolutions to reach a negotiated settlement as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Civil and Commercial Mediation

Confidential and flexible, mediation is an effective tool for Civil and Commercial dispute resolution. The process is quick and cost-effective, and has added value for parties who wish to maintain or rebuild business relationships which would otherwise disappear in the fog of litigation. FM&C will provide a mediator with the essential legal and business background to bring parties to a binding agreement to yield a certain and final resolution.

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FM&C will provide you with a mediator trained and accredited at Regents University, which has been approved by The Bar Council,  The Legal Services Commission as a Mediator Course Provider in the Funding Code Manual, entitling our accredited mediators to Funding Assistance (Legal Aid). It has also been included by The Judicial Studies Board in its list of Mediator Providers circulated to Judges and Courts throughout the UK.

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