At FM&C Solicitors, we are passionate about customer service, and it is our policy to be entirely transparent about fees. We provide an estimate of total costs at the outset and revise this, if necessary, as the matter progresses.

Standard Fees

Some types of work such as conveyancing, simple wills, and straight-forward divorces, are charged at a fixed rate. This allows clients to know what the matter is going to cost from the outset and can budget accordingly. Part of the fee may be payable at the beginning and the balance can be spread on a monthly basis or paid as a lump sum at the end.

Reduced Fees

For those who are not eligible for legal aid but who are on a low income, in particular for family matters, we offer a reduced fee scheme. We can assess you for this at the very beginning of your first appointment and no charge will be made for the assessment.

Our reduced fee scheme is based on the Legal Services Commission means test for legal aid, and if you wish to be assessed we shall carry out the legal aid means test first and then, if you are not eligible for legal aid, we shall check if you are eligible for reduced fees. If you wish to be assessed, please make sure you bring with you to your first appointment, all your pay slips for the last one month period together with your most recent bank and savings account statements and evidence of your housing expenditure.

Employees Reduced Rates

If you consult us about a problem at work, we may be willing to carry out work for you at a discount subject to your financial circumstances.

No Win No Fee

There are some types of work (e.g. accident and employment claims) where we can sometimes represent you on a ‘conditional’ or ‘contingency’ fee basis. You will still have to pay for out of pocket expenses such as Court fees and medical reports and you will also be advised to take out a policy of insurance against the risk of an order being made that you pay your opponent’s costs. The remainder of your legal fees will only be charged if you win.

This is of course a risky business for us, so we carry out a risk assessment at the start to establish whether your case is suitable. If you do win the case, we are entitled to charge not only the “basic fee” at our usual hourly rates but also a “success” fee. If we take on your case on this basis, there will be many issues to consider including various types of insurance. Our solicitors and lawyers are trained to advise fully on all the options available and to work out the best package for you.

An initial assessment appointment of up to 30 minutes is available free of charge for any personal injury matter.


If you cannot afford to pay a solicitor to represent you, one option will be to represent yourself but with a solicitor in the background. The solicitor can prepare paper-work for Court; advise you about procedure and be available on the end of the telephone to advise as the matter goes along.
You pay by the hour for the work done and you do as much of the job yourself as you wish.

Hourly Rates

We know our rates are highly competitive. We charge these rates because they are what our local courts consider to be reasonable. The rates charged depend on the type of work being carried out.


All fees are subject to Value Added Tax. Our VAT registration number is 16378 95 64


We normally issue bills on a monthly basis and expect these to be paid promptly. If they are not, we withdraw from the case or ask our clients to continue on a ‘DIY’ basis. We accept payment by standing order or by credit and debit card.

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