Criminal Law and Defence

Criminal Law

For Urgent Assistance please call 07714293872.

At Fairhurst Menuhin and Co. we have a specialist criminal department advising people who are to be interviewed somewhere other than at a police station (this service is subject to a financial assessment, but for some individuals is FREE OF CHARGE). 

If an individual is to be interviewed voluntarily or under arrest at a police station, we can be contacted twenty four hours a day; seven days a week throughout the year on 07714293872.  

This  service is completely FREE OF CHARGE.  We also represent individuals at all Magistrates and Crown Courts across the country for all range of offences including:

  • road traffic;
  • fraud;
  • theft;
  • assault;
  • drugs; and
  • murder;

and carrying out any detective work that may be required to ensure that all possible avenues of defence are explored.  We represent individuals that qualify for legal aid (subject to financial eligibility and the level of seriousness).  For some this means that they will be represented FREE OF CHARGE; with a financial contribution or, on a private basis.   

Our Clients are all well supported and know that they can contact us at any time.  Client care is incredibly important to us.   

Due to the training that we have, we are able to specialise with people who have Alzheimer’s and dementia, learning disabilities and learning difficulties.  We recognise when somebody may have a mental, psychological, drink or drug problem and seek to point them in the right direction so that they receive the appropriate assistance. 


In the criminal department, we normally see people face to face in meetings  – not just to discuss their case, but to identify any requirements or assistance they may need for all manner of difficulties within their personal lives and to enable us to get to know more about them as an individual.  In view of the coronavirus, we feel it is appropriate to minimise risk wherever possible both to us, individuals and to members of the public whilst maintaining a high level of service.  To achieve this, we are able to carry out meetings via

  • Skype, 
  • Whatsapp, or
  • Phone

as well as correspond through email in order to keep things moving forward and to provide reassurance that it is very much business as usual as we recognise that it is important that individuals feel supported through these very difficult times and the concerns that flow from them.  So far as representation is concerned in the Courts, the police station and elsewhere for individuals arrested or requested to attend voluntarily, this service is continuing and is available to all members of the public twenty four hours a day; seven days a week.  Please do not hesitate to call us on 07714293872 at any time.   

Emergency Representation and Duty Solicitors

We offer emergency representation at police stations and can take your case all the way to the highest courts, through our own specialists and links with highly experienced barristers. We have representatives available on a 24-hour basis.

At the police station, we all have certain rights that must be explained to any detained person by the custody sergeant. One such right is the right to speak to an independent solicitor free of charge. To support this right, a Duty Solicitor Scheme exists to service every police station where individuals may be detained. We are members of the Duty Solicitor Scheme.

It is astonishing how often people in custody fail to speak to a Duty Solicitor. More often than not, it is because they believe that they can ‘handle it themselves’ and that they personally ‘don’t need a solicitor’. They ignore the fact that the Duty Solicitor is independent of the police and will be there to fight their corner as long as they are detained. More often than not the Duty Solicitor will be their only ally whilst they are within the system and under investigation.

A Duty Solicitor can keep things moving. Given that the police can initially hold a suspect for up to 24 hours without charge, and even for up to 36 hours in certain circumstances, it is vital to have a solicitor on your side, challenging and questioning your continued detention.

In this day and age, no one can afford to be without a driving licence in terms of safeguarding their employment. It is even more vital to the self-employed and their employees, who may lose their livelihood along with their driving licence.

At FM&C, we will talk you through the legal process and help you decide on the best course of action to assist you in having the best possible chance of keeping your licence.

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