Lease Troubles

Little does the eager, starry eyed entrepreneur know that perhaps the greatest risk he or she is taking is not the uncertain income stream, the investment in tools, machinery, websites, logos, advertising and inventory, nor is it the one staff member taken on the receive clients, or sort flowers, or take calls, or help grow the business. The greatest risk is that fairly wordy piece of paper he was rushed to sign by a pushy estate agent, it said something about a lease on the front page. Not to worry though, after all, everybody needs a lease right?

Well yes, but there are leases and leases. This particular entrepreneur unfortunately did not do so well, the service she was offering was not what people wanted, or the flowers he was selling were not the taste of the locals, the economy crashed two months after he moved into his new shop, or the supplier she had relied on pulled out. For whatever reason, businesses sometimes fail. Time to sell off the inventory in the back and close shop. Not so fast though, that piece of paper you signed actually forces you to pay the rent for the next four years, and stops you from sub-letting the shop, and requires you to fix the windows, and the door and even the roof! As if watching your own business fail was not punishment enough, you now are facing severe financial stress because of a lease.


If you are considering starting a business and looking for suitable premises come talk to us. We can help you make sure that you are limiting your exposure to risk and focusing on building a thriving business.

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