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What should you expect from the 21st century lawyer?

With the advent of technologies that enable faster communication and increasingly efficient service delivery, clients are in a stronger position than ever to demand more of their lawyers. The modern solicitor’s more traditional counterpart is often seen as a wise counsellor in an ivory tower. The relevance of this solicitor, who waits to be approached […]

Beware of bogus solicitors

This year has seen an increase in ‘scams’ relating to bogus law firms. Conveyancing, the legal process of buying or selling a property, is an area that has been particularly targeted. The increased use of technology and increased use of online conveyancing services is enabling criminals to perpetrate fraud in a way that was not […]

For a Ha’penny’s Worth o’Tar

Should I do my conveyancing online? This morning I ordered my food shopping, booked a holiday and read the news online. I even considered purchasing a husband online. Yes, it is possible to rent a husband online. It’s an amazing thing; your husband can cook, clean – who thought a husband could do either of […]

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst

Who will manage my money if I can’t? Most people know that if they care about what happens to their money, property or belongings when they die then they need to make a Will. But what about what happens when you are still alive but can’t manage those things yourself? Delays and Frustration The answer […]

Is your Will worth the paper it’s written on?

The government is considering proposals to regulate the practice of Will writing, following a request from the Legal Services Board. Due to a lack of regulation Will Writers with no technical qualifications, negligence insurance or continuity arrangements continue to practice Will writing. The Legal Services Board has encouraged regulation to reduce what the Board says […]

Children and family disputes without Legal Aid

We are all too aware that the Government, in its efforts to improve the state of the Country’s economy, has implemented a wide range of cuts on public spending.  One of the targets of the cuts has been the legal aid budget, and decimation is not too strong a word for the cuts in legal aid in […]