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How to Be More Organised Than Your Pet

Buttons, my Labrador retriever, did very little retrieving over his lifetime. Mainly he buried his treasured possessions in the garden and then forgot about them. I am afraid Buttons’s approach to storage solutions is not unique to canines. I have seen people with a variety of creative filing systems come to Fairhurst Menuhin & Co […]

The cost of care

The erosion of assets as a result of long-term care costs is becoming a concern for many. We are living longer and consequently professional care may become a necessity for many of us. Care Legislation The NHS and Community Care Act 1990 obliges Local Authorities to carry out an assessment of anyone who appears to […]

The Great Common Law Marriage Myth

That well known phrase, “living over the brush”, is often used to describe an unmarried couple who live together. It originates from the tunnel building days of the 19th Century, when, if a boy and a girl took a liking to each other but could not afford a church wedding, they could earn the respect […]

What to do when someone dies

 When someone dies there are many things to sort out. When we are grieving for the loss of someone we loved, this can seem overwhelming.  The first thing to do If a person dies at home you should call their GP who will give you a medical certificate showing the cause of death and informing […]

Employment Law – a question of compromise?

Under plans for the introduction of the Enterprise & Regulatory Reform Act, Compromise Agreements will be renamed ‘Settlement Agreements.’  This legally binding agreement between an employer and employee exists to ensure a dismissal or redundancy is conducted in a clean and straightforward way. The Government hopes that the simplification of Settlement Agreements will encourage more […]

When liability bites

England is a nation of dog lovers, but recently, the Haverhill Echo reported that dog incidents are an increasing problem in Haverhill. So, what is the law relating to dog ownership and what remedies can you take if you or your dog are a victim of a dog bite incident? It is a criminal offence […]

Accident or injury? Why do I need legal advice?

Accidents can happen at any time, and the consequences of your injuries can be life changing and difficult to cope with. Although it is natural after an accident to focus on your medical treatment and recovery, if someone else was to blame for your accident, it is also crucial that you seek legal guidance as […]

Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted?

The equine industry traditionally operates on the basis of legally binding verbal agreements. However should you get a horse home to discover that it was not what you expected, you will have difficulty proving what was agreed and may have limited options available to resolve the issue. When buying a horse, the sale agreement will […]

Where there is a Will…

Contested Wills Dealing with disputes over family finances or inheritance can be stressful and emotional. No one wants to be in a position of having to fight family members or friends after the death of a loved one. However, there can be genuine reasons for a dispute and Wills can be contested for any number […]