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Everything you need to know about Stamp Duty Changes

Wednesday 22nd November saw the presentation of the Autumn Budget and with it came changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax for first time buyers. WHAT IS STAMP DUTY LAND TAX (SDLT)? Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax which is payable if you buy any property  in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. SDLT is […]

Buying a Property in Joint Names – Things to Consider

When buying a property with another person, one of the most significant considerations for you should be how do you wish to own the property together? There are two ways in which a couple can jointly own a property; as Joint Tenants or as Tenants in Common. Joint Tenants each own the whole property, this […]

Moving House – Your questions answered

Moving house is not renowned for being a stress-free process. At Fairhurst Menuhin we want our clients to have peace of mind in knowing that a professional firm of solicitors is dealing with their property transaction. There are many questions you may be asking and believe us when we say we’ve heard them all before. […]

Gainsborough’s Birthday

Fairhurst Menuhin & Co had the pleasure of sponsoring Gainsborough’s Birthday on the square celebrations in Sudbury on Saturday 13th May 2017. Thomas Gainsborough was born in Sudbury in 1727, he went on to become one of Britain’s most iconic portrait and landscape artists of the 18th Century.  

Death and Taxes

DEATH AND TAXES As Benjamin Franklin said in 1789 “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” And that is as true today as it was then. Death It is a very modern taboo but we are all going to die so why is it that so few of us have a Will. If you die […]

The importance of an LPA

Recently a young couple in their 30’s came in to see me to make Lasting Powers of Attorney. They explained that it was something they knew they probably should do  but it had never seemed very urgent until one their fathers was  knocked down by a bus while celebrating his  70th birthday in Paris. He […]

Don’t Get Burned by Solar Panels!

If you purchase solar panels there are usually no issues when you come to sell your property, provided you have all the necessary supplier guarantees and building regulation certificates and, you have purchased the solar panels outright. Full steam ahead for you and your conveyancing solicitor! However, many solar panels are marketed on a ‘free’ […]

Lease Troubles

Little does the eager, starry eyed entrepreneur know that perhaps the greatest risk he or she is taking is not the uncertain income stream, the investment in tools, machinery, websites, logos, advertising and inventory, nor is it the one staff member taken on the receive clients, or sort flowers, or take calls, or help grow […]

Changes in employment law – not business as usual!

Employment Law is undergoing a revolution. In July 2013, we saw the introduction of employment tribunal fees to submit a claim to the employment tribunal, a cap of 12 months’ pay on unfair dismissal compensation; and new rules governing Employment Tribunal procedure. But are employers prepared to meet these changes? Employment Tribunal Fees Under the […]